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Africa Map


Africa Map

Political Map of Africa

The Africa map above shows the location, latitude, longitude, name, and boundaries of each African nation or country. African maps such as this can give much information about the various African countries, such as their capitals, geography, history, and culture. This is a political map of Africa whose boundaries are man-made and based on historic events and conflicts rather than the actual distribution of different ethnic groups or African tribes. To a large extent, the boundaries and various countries on this Africa map were created by European colonialists rather than by the various African tribes. Ethiopia is one of the few African nations that has a history of independence and was able to resist foreigners. Today, Ethiopia has one of the greatest varieties of traditional indigenous tribes in Africa. There is a great difference between Northern Africa which is also part of the Mediterranean, and Sub-Saharan Africa whose native tribes are indigenous to the African continent. On this Africa map, Note the island of Madagascar to the southeast of the African Continent. Although physically close to the main continent of Africa, Madagascar is culturally closer to Polynesia and Asia and the native tribes speak Austronesian languages.


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