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African Tribe Woman


African Tribe Woman

Himba Tribe Picture

Because of the scarcity of water, these African tribe women have developed innovated hygienic practices. For example, Himba women prepare a special deodorant by creating an "incense" from various herbs and aromatic resins. The incense is used to cleanse and perfume her body in the absence of bathing water. Note the rich red-brown skin color of the Himba woman in the photograph above, which is in stark contrast to the man in the upper right background who does not use the red ochre-butter mixture that the woman use on their skin. The Himbas females are particularly exotic African tribal woman as they dress with a short skirt of goatskin and wear ornaments made from shells, iron and rawhide. As is the case with many African tribes, the Himba are polygamous with one man often having multiple wives.


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