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African Tribes Photographs


African Tribes Photographs

Arbore Tribe

There are many exotic African tribes photographs of the Arbore (Irbore) tribe. The Arbore tribe is very small with only about four thousand speakers of the Arbore language. The Arbore live in the Omo River region of Ethiopia near Lake Stefanie and speak a Cushitic language in the Afro-Asiatic linguistic family. Although not present in some African tribes photographs such as the one above, Arbore women generally use a large black cloth to cover their heads. Similar to many ancient African tribes, the Arbore perform many ritual-like dances while singing. Living in a very harsh physical environment, the Arbore believe that dancing and singing will eliminate negative energies. By eliminating the negative energies, this traditional African tribe believes that they can produce positive energy that will bring this indigenous people good luck. Being a pastoral culture, the Arbore measure their wealth by the number of cattle that they own.  


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Photograph "EthiopiŽ" by Martha de Jong-Lantink and is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License - BY-NC-ND
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