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African Tribes Pictures


African Tribes Pictures

Visual Anthropology

African tribes pictures can reveal much about a native tribe, their society, and their history. For example, in the above African tribe picture, you can tell that the woman is married because she is wearing a headdress. In addition, note the coin that she has around her neck. The coin was minted in France and was commonly used in parts of Africa as currency until the end of the Second World War. Curiously, an entire scientific field called "visual anthropology" has been developed to study ethnographic images such as those found in the African tribes pictures on this website. Visual anthropology is a subfield of cultural anthropology that was derived from the study of ethnographic photographs. In the future many native cultures in Africa will change. However, African tribes pictures will allow visual anthropologists to have a permanent record of these cultures as they once existed. In addition, African tribes pictures can allow a traveler to research and plan a journey to the African continent, giving the traveler an idea of where they might go and what they might see beforehand. However, it is not necessary to journey to Africa in order view some beautiful African tribes pictures such as those seen on this website.


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