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Map of African Tribe


Map of African Tribes

Indigenous People of Africa Map

The above map is titled "Africa Ethno-linguistic Groups" and was originally published in 1996 by the US government's CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). By clicking on the above image, you can obtain a high resolution (2502x2984) version of this map of African Tribes. Note that this map uses linguistic groupings similar to the previous Map of Africa, but with much more detail. Unfortunately, this map of African tribes shows the locations of only the larger African tribes rather than the most interesting tribes found on this website. For example, it omits the Himba, Hamer, Mursi, Surma, Arbore, and Nyanyatom tribes. However, it includes the larger Zulu, Maasai (Masai), Afar (Danakil), Amhara, Somali, Hetero, Nama, Tuareq, Berber, Dinka, Turkana, Luo, Sotho, Xosa, Ndebele and Ashanti African tribes. Interestingly, the indigenous people of Madagascar such as the Betsimisaraka, Antaisaka, Tsimihety, and Merina tribes are not related to African tribes from the "Dark Continent," rather they have their origins in the Polynesian and Asian tribes. In addition, this map of African tribes includes some non-indigenous people such as the Afrikaners (Afrikaaners) of South Africa. 


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Map Image "Africa Ethnolinguistic Groups" by US Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book and is a public domain map.
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