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African Women


African Women

Traditional Cultures of African Tribes

Picture of African women participating in the Hamer bull jumping ceremony. The beautiful African women of the Hamer tribe in the above photograph are about to take part in a ritual during which they are whipped with sticks. Note the scars on the backs of these African women. These are a result of these African women having previously participated in the bull jumping ceremony. Note also the reddish-brown color of the hair and skin of the African women. The reddish color is a result of their applying a mixture of red ochre and fat to their bodies and hair. Female body painting is an ancient African tribes tradition practiced by many African women. Many African women from different African tribes use scarification to enhance their beauty. They will make designs on their skin using scars, much as a tattoo artist uses ink. Many indigenous rights organizations are supporting the right of African women to be treated as equal within African society. However, this would effectively destroy the traditional cultures of many African tribes which practice polygamy and restrict the rights of African women with their tribe. In addition, indigenous rights advocates are promoting the education of African women as many girls and women are not given the opportunity of learn how to read and write.


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